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Weed control

Crop sensor for optimized n-balances

The more you know, the less you need: AGXTEND™’s CropXplorer uses an optical measurement sensor to calculate the optimal nitrogen rate for your plant population and also supports variable rate application (VRA). But of course, its areas of use are as varied as crop farming itself. On the basis of the measurement values used by the CropXplorer, the system can also be used for many other applications independent from culture and variety.

Fields of application:

  • Site specific nitrogen fertilization
  • Site specific application of growth regulators
  • Biomass-dependent application of desiccants
  • Crop monitoring and nitrogen-uptake scanning
  • Basic fertilization (according to application map)                             

Technical Specifications

The CropXplorer sensor uses an active light source and measures the radiation reflected by the plants. Based on these measurements and algorithm calculations, required nitrogen rates can instantly be determined and also applied via ISOBUS by a spreader or sprayer mounted in the rear of the tractor.

The CropXplorer sensor is calculating the Biomass Index as well as the Nitrogen Index. The Biomass Index is used for applications at early growth stages up to tillering. When the soil is already covered, the IRMI is used. Then the Biomass Index works like a security threshold, when the sensor detects no biomass he reduces/stops the application at this area. Precise measurement values at each vegetation state of the plant enables a large range of applications in different crops.

Biomass Index IBI (Isaria Biomass Index): The Biomass Index relates to the coverage of the bare soil by the crops. This allows to determine if the scanned area is eventually damaged by frost, drought or any other factor. Nitrogen Index IRMI (Isaria Reflectance Measurement Index): The Nitrogen Index relates to the presence of chlorophyll in the crops. This allows to determine the needs of nitrogen of the crop.

Thanks to Variable Rate Application and ISOBUS support, the CropXplorer sensor allows you to regulate the amount of applied fertilizers, pesticides or growth regulators in real time. This means, for example, even nitrogen balances and a uniform growth rate – not just within the whole field, but on every square meter. The CropXplorer is compatible with application of both solid and liquid fertilizers.

The CropXplorer is able to automatically combine actual plant measurements with site specific soil information and enables optimal application rates to the varying conditions within a field. The System also makes traceability easier by allowing all data to be easily saved in ISOXml format – these data can be stored and handled in most of Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS) available on the market.

The CropXplorer is easy to install on any tractor and can be mounted by a single person in just a few minutes. Different mounting kits allow you to mount the sensor on any front weight or even directly on the front three-pointhitch of every tractor. The forward position makes the sensor protected from dusts and projections for optimal efficiency.

Key Features

Measuring of the current plant growth

High measuring accuracy

Highly sensitive measuring technology up to 2000 measurements per second (these are then concluded to one measurement value (IBI/IRMI) per second

Robust and high performance LEDs

Active measuring system - Day and night

Free from external influences (course of the day, dew wet, solar radiation, etc.)

Map Overlay

Compatible with ISOBUS and non-ISOBUS sprayers D6and fertilizer spreaders

Absolute fertilization system

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