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ISOMAX is a revolutionary ISOBUS solution that includes the complete scope of delivery from the ECU to the connector. Practical features such as automatic attachment recognition or automatic log book keeping mean immediate added value for the user. The ISOMAX Dev-Kit is open source, based on an ESP32 board and can reduce development costs by more than 90%.

Technical Specifications

A connected  agriculture, cross-system working and a strong simplification of digital processes - ISOBUS can do all this. ISOBUS was developed as an outstanding platform for agriculture, which is also regarded as a pioneer in neighbouring industries. Whether automatic part width section formwork, variable sowing rates or automatic documentation - ISOBUS in its current form enables a wide range of agricultural automation. Nevertheless, there is still potential for optimisation, because the ISOBUS standard is increasingly being undermined by isolated solutions and the development costs are high, which makes this difficult to achieve, especially for research institutions. This is where ISOMAX comes in and, with the Development Kit, makes it much easier to program new ISOBUS technologies. It is important to note that ISOMAX is significantly cheaper than the competition. Furthermore, with the ISOMAX Connect ID, a solution for automatic device recognition based on the Development Kit has already been developed.

Key Features

Facilite la labor con ISOBUS

Two versions: Development Kit and Connect ID

Development kit enables a significantly reduced development cost for new ISOBUS devices (up to 90%)

Connect ID is a solution for the automatic recognition of implements and was developed on the basis of the development kit.

ISO ECU is equipped with WiFI, Bluetooth and ISOBUS

The ECU requires less boot time compared to Linux-based systems