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Tillage & soil preparation

Advanced soil sensing solutions

The SoilXplorer is an unique contactless, ISOBUS compatible soil sensor which offers you advanced soil sensing solutions. Not only on-the-go mapping but also real-time variable control solutions.  Look beyond the surface with each pass of you machinery in the field to discover the heteorogeneity of your soil and optimize your daily farming activities accordingly. 

Technical Specifications

 A robust, contact free soil sensor for autonomous soil conductivity measurement. Suitable on all vehicle types, very easy to install, easier to use. Main benefits are vegetation and weather condition independant, ISOBUS-compatible. SoilXplorer offers a fully automatic soil mapping process and afterwards an user-friendly SoilXtend software for map creation of soil maps with different parameters. It's the only soil sensor on the market also capable of real-time variable implement control: DepthXcontrol and SeedXcontrol. 

Key Features

Easy to install, easy to scan

Independent of any weather condition and vegetation  

Suitable on all vehicle types

No speed limit

Independent data processing

Easy data export

Real-time implement control

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