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Tillage & soil preparation
Weed control


TrackXcontrol products are a unique plough and implement control system that enables you to guide steerable implements precisely with RTK accuracy. Developed for CNH industrial, the controls are compatible with vario-plough, planters and equipment used for mechanical weeding and tillage. 
Precisely guiding the implement also reduces driver fatigue, saves fuel and protects the plants in the row.


Plough Control - Automatic GPS plough and furrow width control

Clean and straight ploughing is the prerequisite for a flat seedbed and successful farming. Optimal plough settings enable improved pulling power and reduce fuel consumption.

Implement Control - Active RTK implement steering

Precise active implement guidance with RTK accuracy for straight planting and to protect the plants in the row. Implement Control is a unique GPS implement control system for both straight and curved tracks (AB lines). It works via the existing ISOBUS screen, so no additional screens or boxes are needed in the tractor. Implement Control is suitable for almost all pulled implements. The system increases driving comfort and reduces the operating time.

VSN - Visual guidance steering

VSN is a row guidance system based on a stereo camera solution that enables visual machine guidance in planted rows, tram lines, etc. The rows are been followed using the image recognition of the VSN camera. The system will guide the machine when the camera quality is above the user defined threshold.

Key Features

Added value all along the line

Unique implement control system with RTK accuracy

ISOBUS as standard

All types of guidance lines are supported

Only one NAV-Controller and modem required

Increased operator comfort in all weather conditions and at any time of the day

For an equal surface and protection of the plants in the row

Optimized operating times and lower fuel consumption

VSN: Visual implement guidance for the best crop protection in the row